Early Influences

In 1991, his father embarked on a journey as a builder, establishing his own business just as Dan entered the third grade. The sights and sounds of construction became a backdrop to his childhood, and he found himself captivated by the building process and the meticulous design his father put into each house.

Don Sherley

A Different Path

Despite the fascination, Dan chose a different path, pursuing a degree in Business Management at Washburn University.

Dan Sherley

A Twist of Fate

As he neared the end of his college journey, tragedy struck. Two weeks before graduation, his father passed away, leaving Dan without a job but armed with a deep-seated love for building.

Don Sherley, Dan Sherley, Dustin Sherley, Dylan Sherley

Building a Legacy

With the support of his family, Dan decided to continue the legacy his father had started. He began working with local builders, learning the ins and outs of the industry and honing his skills.

Dan SherleyDan SherleyDan Sherley